The OTEM Cuff is our take on the classic bangle: It's timeless, but with a twist. Merging minimalism with bold lines, it's statement making without making a fuss. The versatile design allows for a "reversible" wear that looks great alone or stacked, making it perfect for everyday and special occasions alike. Our pieces are made to last forever and live from one generation to the next.



Designed and handcrafted in New York City, the OTEM Cuff fuses old-world artistry with modern design for a new take on the classic bangle.  With the help of a colorful cast of purveyors, craftspeople, and artists – no less than four master artisans contribute to each Cuff – every piece reflects the city’s ethnic and cultural dynamism.

Each Cuff we make is made from recycled metals paired with only the highest quality conflict-free natural white and black diamonds. As a handmade item, each piece is one-of-a-kind, and comes with its own unique character.

And while this level of quality doesn't come cheap, we eschew the traditional markups of luxury jewelry through a more modern, customer-centric business model.





Each cuff is meant to have a personal connection with its wearer. All designs come with an option to have a custom date engraving to help mark or memorialize a specific moment in time.

hallie pensive.jpg


We know the OTEM woman isn't afraid to treat herself — or her best friend. Along those lines, we reject the traditional narrative surrounding women and fine jewelry. The Cuff is our first step towards reshaping this conversation and starting a new one. It represents everything we love about our customers — beautiful, bold, and strong.