OTEM New York Signature Cuff Thumb War

OTEM is created by Isadora Tang and Lucy Knops. We are two best friends who met in New York City on 9/11. From the start we’ve been through it all, and in many ways we are part of a new kind of family circle. We created OTEM to give voice to new expressions of family, relationships, and female friendship. 

Isadora grew up in the back of her family’s jewelry store. She comes with a deep understanding of the jewelry trade, and brings to OTEM the rich relationships that her family has cultivated with the artisans of Manhattan’s jewelry districts. Lucy has a background in fashion and is trained in product design. She provides a meticulous design eye and a fresh point of view on the role of symbols and objects in our daily lives. We see OTEM as a way to reclaim fine jewelry and redefine it for a new generation.