Our Materials 

We chose to create fine jewelry because we are committed to the idea of quality crafted pieces that last forever.  In today's market for rock-bottom prices, we know fast-fashion jewelry has an appeal. But fast-fashion jewelry is lower-priced for a reason - it relies on cheap, often environmentally damaging materials and questionable labor practices. Almost inevitably it falls apart and ends up in a landfill.  

We strive to use only the highest quality materials that mitigate our environmental impact, and pay fair wages in NYC to highly skilled artisans who are proud of their work. Below is a detailed description of the materials that we choose to work with in our pieces.




With recent advances in technology, quality lab created diamonds are now essentially indistinguishable (and often superior) in quality from diamonds mined from the earth. Given the reduction in environmental impact compared to mined diamonds, as well as being indisputably conflict-free, we choose to use lab created diamonds for our pieces whenever possible, including all the white diamonds used in the Signature, Resist and Shapes collections. We are partnering with American Grown Diamonds, a third-generation diamond dealer based in New York City, to procure only the highest quality lab created diamonds on the market.




While gold is naturally a beautiful golden  hue, pure gold is too soft for jewelry use and needs to be combined with other metal alloys in order to be usable for jewelry production. Outside of Asia, 18K gold is the most premium of gold classes used for jewelry, consisting of 75% pure gold. 14K yellow gold is the most commonly used gold tier, and is comprised of 58.3% pure gold. All of our  yellow gold pieces in our Signature Collection are made from 100% recycled, solid 18K yellow gold, chosen for both its beautiful hue and because of its slight malleability (for a more flexible fit in our cuffs and rings). The yellow gold pieces in the Resist Collection are made with 100% recycled, solid 14K yellow gold.



Rose gold is created by mixing pure gold with other alloys, including copper, to achieve a pinkish hue. We use solid, 100% recycled 10K rose gold in our Signature Collection to allow for a slight malleability and flexibility of fit in our cuffs and rings. 10K rose gold is comprised of 41.7% pure gold. 14K rose gold is comprised of 58.3% pure gold, and is used in addition to 10K rose gold for our Resist Collection pieces.



All of our silver pieces are made from solid, 100% recycled 925 sterling silver, which is comprised of 92.5% sterling silver and 7.5% of alloy metals in order to make the silver more durable for jewelry production. Silver naturally tarnishes with time and wear and exposure to humidity, but can be easily polished with a silver polishing cloth or silver cleaning solution. 



While we insist on offering solid 10K, 14K and 18K gold pieces, we also know that affordability is important to our customers. Gold-filled refers to the process of bonding a layer of real gold onto another metal, and is a more durable and lasting gold alternative compared with gold-plating. We opt for gold-filled findings (i.e. earring backs, pin backs, etc.) when a piece requires it. For the Resist Collection, we offer our pendants and necklaces on gold-filled chains. The gold hoops in our Shapes Collection are also gold-filled.  Using gold-filled findings and chains instead of pure gold significantly reduces the total cost of the piece, which we pass onto our customer. For those who would rather pay for solid gold findings or chains, we are happy to offer that option - just send us a request!



For the Resist Collection, we offer the option for any of the styles to be made with sterling silver and plated in rose gold, yellow gold or black rhodium. Please be aware that plating is a temporary surface coating, and will fade with time and exposure to moisture. We recommend keeping your gold-plated pieces in an air-tight bag, such as a ziplock, to help preserve the color for longer.  While we originally aimed to make our gold pieces only with solid gold, we heard from and listened to our customers, many of whom want the option of our pieces in a gold color, but at more accessible prices. 




Our silver and black rhodium plated pieces come with 925 sterling silver findings.

Our yellow and rose gold-plated pieces come with gold-filled findings. 

Our yellow, rose and yellow gold gold pieces come with a mix of gold-filled and 14K solid gold findings. Please see the item description for details.



All silver chains are 925 sterling silver.

Our gold chains are divided between 14K and gold-filled chains. Our necklaces in our Shapes Collection come on 14K gold chains, and our necklaces in the Resist collection come with gold-filled chains.

A note on chains: Chains, especially the thinner ones, are often delicate little creatures, and can be prone to breaking, especially when snagged on clothing. If your chain breaks, we will happily replace it free of charge within a year of purchase. Simply mail us back the broken chain, and we will send you a new one, no questions asked.